Kalinago Karbay - Bloody Point Heritage Centre

18:20 Feb 2 2015 Challengers Village

Kalinago Karbay - Bloody Point Heritage Centre
(Located west of the Island in Challengers Village) This centre shares a great deal of past local history and culture, high-lighting the massacre of the St. Kitts-Nevis Indigenous People the Kalinago, also known as Caribs a name given to them by European settlers, that took place in the Pelham river in 1626, which gave it the name “Bloody River”. At this centre located at the foot of the road leading to the Petroglyphs (carib rock carvings) you can also find local craft on sale, cold local drinks, and food making it one of the most interesting spots for locals and tourist alike to learn about our Heritage and the History of the indigenous people of St. Kitts.
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