Green Valley Festival Cayon

15:39 Jun 20 2018 St. Mary, Cayon, St.KItts

Green Valley Festival Cayon
The band strikes up in the tiny enclave of "Shanty Town"; where revelers gyrate down hill Spooners, a brew or two in hand; the mass makers in Texas are jolted from their comfortable nooks; the folks who reside in the Project and its envious awaken as the strike up mode of the bands grow louder and louder. Meanwhile, the faces of the residents of Central, Cabbage Tree Hill , Whytes, Dunn's Cottage, River Ghaut and Water Works reflect a shortened night sleep, a testimony to the merriment the night before. The sound waves defy distance, transcending to the nearby villages, rousing the residents from their sleep; and if only for the sake of curiousity, they begin their shirt trip by foot, by car and by bus. Vendors pool their hard earned money too stock their festively designed bars with an assortment of beverages and dainties for the swam of revelers that will descend in the village. Soon, they will become apart of the assembly of young, and not so young, observers and revelers alike, baking in the scorching Caribbean heat. As the curtains comes down on the events, the former French town of Cayon will become unified into a musical frenzy, as revelers celebrate a cause for unity, dubbed the ' Green Valley Festival'.

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