Belmont Estate Yard

14:33 Jun 21 2018 St.Pauls

Belmont Estate Yard
This former French property was less than 100 acres when Peter Brotherson acquired it early in the eighteenth century. In 1726 the size increased when Brotherson petitioned for additional lands adjoining his property. Sugar was extracted by means of an animal mill for most of the eighteenth century . By 1828 the plantation extended to 286 acres, had a windmill, and was owned by George Galway Mills. The size of the plantation increased to over 300 acres by the last quarter of the nineteenth century, when steam technology was introduced. BY the Stuart Davis owned the property. IN 1923 one of Stuart's descendants, Basil Davis, became General Manager of the Central Factory in Basseterre. It was at this plantation during the time of its occupancy by the Davis Family that the incident that led to the 'Bull Story' occurred, an enactment that has become a standard for Folk Performing groups of the island. Today, an area manager occupies the estate house and the estate yard is used in the system of management of the sugar industry now operated by the Government owned Sugar Manufacturing Corporation. Plans for the development of a Sugar Museum at Belmont Estate are being discussed

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